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"Located in Sydney’s West, Hex Masonry provides different variations of expertise..."

Our Story...

With over 23 years of experience,
Hex masonry is redefining stone design by utilising technology to create options not only for comfortability but also creativity. Using innovative and dynamic machinery such as

Water Jets | CNC Surface polishing.


Hex Masonry guarantees precision and perfection. Hex Masonry handles all sorts of


Engineered stoneMarble |
Granite |Sandstone |
Limestone | Porcelain and more.

Hex Masonry takes tremendous pride in producing quality work and ensuring a healthy and safe work environment. We have implemented water based machines and utilised cranes for manual labour to prioritise the safety and health of our employees.

Located in Sydney’s West, Hex Masonry provides different variations of expertise.
These include,

Bench tops Bathroom Vanities| Bathrooms Design and Engraving| Engineered/Natural stone manipulation| Textured surfacing and honed finishing.



Stone Masonry is one of the earliest trades. Revolutionised in 10,000 BC when man built large structures such as the pyamids in Egypt or the Cathedral of Milan.


In the Medieval times, stonemasonry where amongst the high demand skills as many towns favoured stones that were carved with personalised symbols. However, stone travel was carried out mostly by domestic animals, making fabrication and travel time prolonged.


As time went on, the development of technology allowed stonemasons to easily cut and shape stones. Due to this, the apparence of marble in households became more frequent and not long after the Industrial Revolution in the 19th centurary, stone masonry was quickly picked up by many as machine powered technology allowed safe, efficient and precise stone work. This became the foundation of today's modern homes where marble became easily accessable and transported.

With state of the art technology evident in the industry, the possibilities are endless. it is now possible to recreate eclectic designs efficiently.

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02 8731 2201 | | @Hexmasonry

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