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Hex Masonry provides a wide variety of products ranging from Kitchen Bench tops, Vanity tops, stair treads and wall cladding. We will also implement engraving of stone giving logo designs a more luxurious finish. We work with all sorts of stone, from engineered to natural. Below is a full comprehensive range of products we work with.


Talostone® offers a wide range of engineered stone products for high quality, luxurious kitchen or bathroom designs at a more cost-effective rate than traditional stone solutions. At Talostone® we take the design and manufacture of our engineered stone slabs very seriously and invest heavily in research and development. Talostone® premium marble range colours are manufactured in pairs to assist designers to utilise the bookmatching feature of natural marble.


AC stone is focusing on high quality stone industries for more than 27 years. AC stone has owned almost 700,000 square metre of stone production base, with 26 meticulous and automatic production lines and more than 2,800 staff members around the world. We are focusing on high quality and purity of quartz stone with residential and commercial space, for example : furniture , bathroom cabinets, kitchen benchtops, etc.



The Caesarstone® product range offers a contemporary approach to kitchen design and renovations while maintaining the quality and luxury that consumers have come to expect from this category. Perfect for Kitchens benchtops, bathrooms and other spaces.


The leading destination for quartz surfaces.

Smartstone has become the name trusted by architects, interior designers, renovators, builders and developers. A particularly popular choice for kitchen benchtops, Smartstone suits numerous interior applications, residentially and commercially.

Every Smartstone product has met the highest standards of beauty, quality, innovation and value, as well as achieving safety and environmental certifications. Smartstone has the edge on natural stone such as marble for its extreme durability, low moisture absorption, high resistance to heat, scratching, chipping and cracking, as well as resistance to acids, oils and liquids. Smartstone comes with a 15-year Limited Warranty.


WK is Australia’s leading distributor of both 
natural and engineered stone under the WK Stone and Quantum Quartz brands. The latest addition to our premium range of products is QuantumSix+ porcelain sheets; amazing sizes in a thickness of just 6mm and select colours in 12mm. Established in 1989 and remaining under Australian ownership, WK-Quantum Quartz provides innovative design options to the architectural and design communities as well as homeowners.


Our stone slab products have been processed by local stone mason customers into literally thousands of kitchen bench tops and bathroom vanity tops, and for many years now our stone tiles have been finding favor in homes of distinction and prestigious retail and commercial applications.

Cosentino Group is a global, Spanish, family-owned company that produces and distributes high value innovative surfaces for the world of design and architecture. It works together with its clients and partners to provide with solutions that offer design and value, and inspire the life of many people.

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